Brand Intellect

We focus on building new capability in strategy, marketing and customer value delivery.
We build more science into the art of marketing, more scale and rigour into the creativity, and more certainty and ROI into the outcomes.

A unique combination of people, systems thinking, social technology and content to deliver better strategy, marketing and customer value at scale.

In an intensely competitive world, acquiring and keeping your customers is a challenge. Time is precious and customers make choices quickly across a variety of channels where business can be won or lost in seconds, not minutes or hours. To respond effectively to these challenges you require agility and collaboration across key disciplines.

We help you diagnose strengths and weaknesses, discover customer value, focus on the right strategies and implement change effectively. We use a broad range of ideation and collaboration tools, social and cloud technology to do so.


Uncover the barriers and enablers of strategic disciplines that drive strategy, marketing and customer value. Measure performance across your organisation and develop deeper insight into actionable improvements.


Zero in on what’s really important to your customers and build products and services that matter. Prioritise initiatives that give you distinctive capability and longer term benefit.

Brand Intellect Procecss


Learn how to amplify customer value and align your brand, strategies and operations around customers. Find out how to build new kinds of Enterprise Capability that give you more competitive advantage.


Embed changes quickly and widely by engaging people earlier. Take advantage of social and cloud technologies that can accelerate knowledge sharing and transformation.

Enabling platforms for change



Rigorous, scientific measurement of capability. New ways to identify ‘hot spots’ and compare performance. Effective monitoring of strategy execution, marketing compliance and customer value delivery at scale.

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Smart and adaptive teamwork to build capability through ideation, collaboration, shared knowledge and learning. A ‘rich mix’ of cloud and social technology, content and expertise to improve strategic processes.

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Agile consulting and coaching. Innovative people that can embed improvements in your organisation at scale. Our people have proven ability to make change happen and make the right interventions at the right time.

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New customer value and distinct competitive advantage at scale

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