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We have three Enterprise Capability building services focused on building Enterprise Capability around strategic processes. These processes include: insight, innovation, brand building, strategic planning, customer value management, resource management, activation in market, learning and renewal and knowledge management.

New customer value and distinct competitive advantage at scale

Diagnostics, benchmarking and compliance services

Diagnostics Our diagnostics and benchmarking programmes to measure Enterprise Capability around key strategic processes: insight, innovation, brand building, strategic planning, customer value management, resource management, activation in market, learning and renewal and knowledge management. On-line, ‘stand-alone’ or as part of a capability development programme our diagnostics zero in on performance improvements and capability ‘hot spots’. They can be used to quickly quantify performance improvement and focus change programmes.

Our benchmarking compares relative organisational performance and are used to develop performance insight and focus resources on capability developments that will have the greatest impact. They also compare different processes, different organisations and different groups of people at different levels in your organisation. Being able to compare performance from different perspectives like this allows you to pinpoint performance improvement and prioritise change initiatives.

We ensure capability is consistently applied throughout your business. We maintain alignment to deliver promises, products and services consistently well. We do this using compliance tools, a combination cloud technologies and proprietary content that can intelligently question those responsible for key strategic processes and escalate any exceptions to specific people. Your organisation benefits through more efficient use of resource and clear alignment of activity.

Collaboration services and Virtual Labs

Collaboration Our ‘customer communities’ use social technologies that allow you to collaborate, share ideas, knowledge, plans and documents to make it easier for you and us to collectively build new capability. We pre-populate these workspaces with strategic processes, original content and capability building tools to provide a ‘base-line’ that can be developed to meet your specific needs, a ‘fast start’ to building capability in any enterprise.

On-line learning methods and tools are another way to drive efficiency and to consistently build new capability. Digital Classrooms offer courses and lessons where people can engage in learning anywhere, at any time. These ‘self- learning’ tools, compliment other content and services that help amplify capability and increase the personal value of community membership.

We build virtual Customer and Capability Labs that transform the way capability and customer engagement works. These labs are enabled by social tools and technologies that create new opportunities to develop strategy, effective marketing and customer value by engaging people throughout the organisation in ideation, co-creation and performance management.

Performance, coaching and capability building services

Performance Our consultants and coaches provide insight and guidance on how to build Enterprise Capability. Their work focuses on key people and key strategic processes. All our people are skilled and very experienced with proven ability to deliver complex change and effective executive guidance. They work together with you and your team, face to face and through collaboration platforms to make change happen.

We run high consultant, coach to customer ratio workshops and ‘Super-Schools’ to resolve your business issues. These are intensive ‘hot house’ events and change accelerators for leaders and skilled practitioners to resolve ‘real world’ challenges quickly. They help leaders and practitioners overcome personal and business challenges associated with building Enterprise Capability.

We advocate socially enabled knowledge sharing and capability development. Our Customer and Capability Labs are virtual knowledge networks that aren’t constrained by traditional company or organisational boundaries. We help you to democratise learning and decision making and create new sources of competitive advantage in broader networked communities.


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